What Makes a Great Website

A great website should first and foremost be an informative avenue. Whether it’s a product or service, you want to engage and excite your visitor. You want to portray a reaction like a beverage company that makes you thirsty just by looking at the front page. Another purpose to a website is to get customers. In this day and age almost all consumers look to the web for what they are going to buy, where they are going to go, eat, entertain themselves. A business should look at a website as an investment into the future of their business.

Some tips on making a great website:

  • Ease of use-when the functionality of a website is clunky, runs slow, has an outdated look, customers will turn away and not return. It speaks volumes as to how you may run your actual business.
  • A clear concise message- You don’t want to confuse your customers! Stick to the facts about your products or services before adding in any cute wording.
  • Visuals- High quality SEO friendly graphics play huge role in the engagement and excitement about your product and service. Especially product sites. Customers what to see everything about a product, take lots of pictures, at every angle. Use an image processor like PhotoShop to process images. If you are unfamiliar on how to process images for website use and SEO friendliness. Hire a graphics specialists.

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