Why you need a website redesign?

Although most people view a redesign as a change in esthetics, this is not always the case, in some cases a redesign can be in branding, functionality or usability:

  1. Security: Neglecting a website opens the flood gates to viruses, spam, hackers, user identity theft and can spread harmful malware to your user’s computer, ruining your business reputation.
  2. Better usability and more sales: If your website hasn’t been updated in years! you are losing potential customers because of serious usability issues, website redesign is not only a good option in this case but a necessity.
  3. Structural business changes: Your business model has changed significantly, and your website no longer reflects your actual business. For instance, you used to have a physical shop location and a simple informational website. Now you have pivoted to an online-only service and need eCommerce functionality.
  4. Branding: more than half of people will be be frustrated with a brand if their website does not reflect the image or functionality they expect from a brand. Bad user experiences on your website will make a customer dislike your brand all together. A website redesign can also be, part of a bigger rebranding process. If your visual brand identity significantly changes, your website should change, also.

Pin pointing the reasons for changing your website will greatly improve and cut down the associated costs. Planned correctly, and you will walk away saving money, creating a great experience for your customers and potentially attracting a lot more sales.

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